Anfield mecca today will be jubilant at the championship celebration party, or shed tears of regret, depending entirely on a match that takes place 55 km from Liverpool city - where the legendary The Kop, Steven Gerrard holding Aston Villa to fight Man City.

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Liverpool fans flocking to Anfield today will certainly not be able to focus on the progress of the match between Liverpool and Wolves. They will have to keep their phones online throughout the match to update each match of a match 55 km from Anfield: The battle at Etihad between Man City and Aston Villa. Liverpool can only win the Premier League this season if they win against Wolves, and the Blue Man must be held back by Steven Gerrard's Aston Villa.

Still knowing that they can't decide their own fate, but Liverpool will still hold their heads high to play the last game of the season in the full love of the NHM. To be able to enter the final match and still have a chance to win the championship, The Kop has not stopped fighting throughout the season. It's fair to say that if Liverpool can't win the title, it's also because Man City is so excellent, but the Red Brigade themselves have tried their best.