U23 Japan vs U23 Spain- Semi-finals LIVE [ 5:30 PM ]


Before the 2020 Olympics, Spain had only 1 friendly match, but it was before the host Japan. Obviously, coach Luis Fuente has properly assessed the strength of the host and thinks that they will go deep in the fifth tournament. Therefore, the previous 1-1 draw will help him and his students a lot to deal with the sublimation of Samurai. 


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In addition to this friendly match, in Olympic history the two teams have met twice. As a result, Japan drew 0-0 against Spain in 1968 and won 1-0 in 2012. Obviously, at the youth level, Japan is not afraid of Spain. Therefore, with the home field advantage plus the highly appreciated squad quality, Moriyasu's teachers and students are expected to defeat La Rojita to win the right to play in the final.

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