Great efforts in recent times have helped Liverpool rise to 4th place. Thus, just winning this match, Jurgen Klopp's teachers and students will have a place in the Champions League next season. Indeed, in this difficult and declining season, finishing in the Top 4 is like a championship with The Kop. Therefore, they will fight to the last moment in this match to achieve that goal. Only having to face Crystal Palace, which has run out of goals and plays erratically, it will not be difficult for Liverpool to win all 3 points in this match. The record of winning all three seasons against the Eagles also supports the host in this match.

Liverpool enter this match with 4 consecutive victories in the English Premier League. However, those were all very hard victories and there was a lot of luck. With a comfortable mentality and confidence in the attack, Jurgen Klopp's teachers and students are still highly appreciated by the bookie for a jubilant victory in this match. However, still should be careful when Anfield is the pain of The Kop this season. In the Premier League alone, Liverpool only won 9, drew 3 and lost 6 home matches. In which, only 2 matches they lost by 3 goals or more and 14/18 matches conceded. In the past 7 seasons with Palace, The Kop also won only 4 and lost 3 matches, only 1 win with a difference of 3 goals and had 5/7 conceded matches. Currently, the host's defense still has too many loopholes for the opponent to have a chance. Therefore, Palace is strong in speed and in the air, fully capable of having this match. This season,