Inter Milan vs Udinese LIVE [ 7:30 PM ]

This is the last match and with the new king status, Inter Milan will definitely want a win to close the full season. With home advantage and only receiving Udinese without a goal, Conte's teachers and students can completely win. At least they have won 4/5 of the past season against this opponent. Three seasons ago, Inter beat Udinese 5-2 in the last match at home. Therefore, they promise to do the same in this match.

After 17 consecutive unbeaten matches, Inter just lost 2-3 on the field of the former king Juventus. This defeat also more or less affected the pride of the new king. If counted in Serie A alone, Conte's teachers and students have had 15 consecutive wins at home or won 16/18 matches this season. In which, up to 10 matches they won by 2 or more goals and had 10/18 matches conceded. Meanwhile, after relegation, Udinese performed quite badly when losing 3/4 matches in this May. This season, they played away from home not too bad but also received 8 defeats. In particular, Udinese lost heavily at Juve, Atalanta, Napoli and Roma, and it is easy to receive the same result against the new king Inter Milan. 


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