This is the rematch of the two teams that made up the final last season. Contrary to expectations, the final of the two teams was played out under a very strict scenario and only 1 goal was scored by Kingsley Coman. Currently, PSG is led by Pochettino who has a defensive mindset when kicking a great battle, so it is difficult for them to boldly attack Bayern in this match. 

Meanwhile, the homeowner lost the main striker Lewandowski, so it was difficult to create an overwhelming game. In addition, there are 90 more minutes in the second leg in Paris, so the two teams will also have careful calculations for this first leg.

Including last season's final, the two teams had 9 encounters both in the Champions League. As a result, Bayern won only 4 and lost 5 against PSG. However, at home, Gray Lobster has won 3/4 matches against the French team.

 In the last match against PSG 3 seasons ago, Bayern won easily 3-1 even though it lost 0-3 in the first leg. Broadly speaking, Bayern has won 10 out of 15 matches with French teams. Meanwhile, PSG won 12, drew 2 and lost only 7 as a guest in Germany. However, this season they lost 1-2 as a guest against Leipzig or last season also lost 1-2 at Dortmund. Therefore, the away team is also easy to receive more disappointing results in this match.

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