Ignoring the Champions League disaster, Juventus is doing its best for the Scudetto race. The 3-1 victory over Cagliari right after being eliminated from the European Cup also showed Lao Ba's determination. 

Currently, Andrea Pirlo's teachers and students are 10 points behind Inter, but kicking less than 1 match, so hope is still in the remaining 12 rounds. This round, Inter will not kick due to the isolation, so it will also be a great opportunity for Juventus to temporarily narrow the gap. Being kicked at home only has to receive rookie Benvento, a bold victory is also within the host's ability.

In the first leg, Juve only had a disappointing 1-1 draw at Benevento. However, in the first season the opponent was kicked in Serie A, Lao she won both matches.

 The home field is the fulcrum of Lao Ba when they have won 9/11 matches in 2021, 8 wins separately and 6/11 matches keep a clean sheet.