Chelsea has just beaten 2 Top 4 competitors Liverpool and Everton. It was their 11th unbeaten match under Thomas Tuchel. In particular, they won 8 and drew 3 matches while 9/11 kept clean sheets. Tottenham, Everton, Atletico, Man United and even Liverpool are powerless to concede Eduard Mendy's net. 

Therefore, a falling Leeds United is also difficult to hope to do this. Perhaps, in the middle of next week, having to rematch Atletico in the Champions League will distract Tuchel's teachers and students. 

However, the strict style, the control of the ball was too good and the deep formation showed that Chelsea was still able to win all 3 points in this match. A 3-1 victory in the first leg also shows that they are not afraid of the opponent's unpredictability.

On the side of Leeds United, they have just lost 2 matches in a row and have lost 4/5 of the last round. This achievement made Marcelo Bielsa teachers and students away from the Europa League ticket competition group and closer to the relegation group.

 However, with 9 points more than the bottom 3 teams, the pressure on the homeowner is not too great. Therefore, they also do not need to change the way of stone to defend for points. So, Leeds' open-minded style also makes Chelsea kick easier. In 2021 alone, Leeds lost 3/5 home matches.

 Since the beginning of the tournament, Bilesa's teachers and students have also lost 6 home matches. Leeds' attack has also been stunned to 3/4 of the last game, so it is difficult to hope to break through Chelsea's concrete defense. With the current situation, it is still believed that the Blues will continue to win 3 more points to consolidate their position in the Top 4.